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Education is not compulsory for children under the age of seven. Kaarina Local Education Authority provides nursery and day care for children from 9 months to seven years. Day care facilities are subsidised by the council and pre-school for children between age six and seven is free of charge.

Education for seven to 16 year olds

By law, all children between the ages of seven and sixteen must go to school. In Finland school education is free. It is the Local Education Authority's responsibility to make sure that every child living in Kaarina is educated. It is the parents' or carers' responsibility to make sure their child goes to school regularly.

Which school will your child go to?

You have the right to choose which school you would like your child to attend. Schools will follow your choice where possible but this depends on the number of places available.

Special Educational needs

All children are taught in school. If your child has any special needs on which the school and LEA agree you will be included in any discussions as to how these needs will be met in the school.

Education for Adults

Higher Education

You are legally entitled to study any academic higher education course at any level, either full time or part time.

Further Education

In Kaarina, there are many educational opportunities for adults (those over 18). You will be allowed to do further education courses which are free.

Finnish for Newcomers

Finnish Language courses for newcomers are run especially for adults who do not have Finnish as their first language. Please contact Kaarinan aikuislukio